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Buy Coffee With Your Crew Machine and Save up to £2000

Note – The machine warranty is at risk if you break your promise to purchase coffee from the roaster.

Coffee Roasters Can Contribute up to


Towards your machine value.

Note – The machine warranty is at risk if you break your promise to purchase coffee from the roaster.

The New Way of Buying a Coffee Machine

CREW Method – 3 Easy Steps

Save upto £2000 with Crew+ Coffee

More Coffee = Bigger Savings

Choose your Crew Coffee Machine

We have 3 customisable machines within our range to choose from.

Choose either 1, 6 or 12 months Locally Roasted Coffee

We will supply you coffee from your local chosen coffee roaster [we’re happy to pick] for your chosen period.

Pay Discounted Price for Your Machine

The more coffee you commit to, the more you save. Not happy with your local roaster. No problem, we can switch you without penalty.

Crew+ Coffee Example



SAVE £500

1 Month Commitment • Min 1 Box Coffee

Any Coffee Blend

Coffee Commitment – 1 month

Pay monthly from



SAVE £1,000

6 Month Commitment • Any Coffee Blend

Min 1 Box Coffee per Month

Coffee Commitment – 6 months

Pay monthly from



SAVE £2,000

6 Month Commitment • Any Coffee Blend

Min 1 Box Coffee per Month

Coffee Commitment – 12 months

Pay monthly from


What’s The Catch? We Dont Think There Is One…


How much do I need to buy?

There is no contractual amount of coffee that you need to buy, however you must only use that roasters coffee in your machine.

How much is the coffee?

Roasters offer many different types of coffee. You are not restricted at all in which coffee you decide to use. Some roasters may incentivise you to sell their better coffees by helping you to market it etc. Generally speaking better coffee will get more repeat sales so this model is win win for roaster and buyer.

How much does a coffee cost to make?

A cup of coffee will range from 13p – 21p depending on the coffee that you select from your roaster.

What if I'm not happy and I want to switch roasters?

Fairness is at the centre of everything we do. If you fall out with your supplier you can apply to move the roaster with us. The Roaster then has 7 days to come up with a solution to your problem. If things are not resolved in that timeframe any other UK Mainland Roaster can then take over the remainder of your commitment period. You’re given a grace period of 2 weeks to find another roaster.

Which roasters can I use?

As long as your roaster is on the UK mainland and is an official business trading for at least 12 months we will be able to work with them.

*Not sure if a roaster is an official business please see our simple definition of an official business here.


Can you help me to pick a roaster to use?

We really like helping our customers however we work with many roasters so we can’t unfortunately recommend and show preference for any of our roasters. It wouldn’t be fair if we did.

What will happen if I stop buying from a roaster and just use other beans?

Our machines track the number of coffees that are made on them and the number of kilos they use. If you use other coffees we will unfortunately have to terminate your warranty and you would be placed on a more expensive pay as you go service contract. Where you would be charged for any issues on your machine. We aren’t too strict we allow for 10% less just incase you run out at any point .

What happens if my roaster goes out of business or can't make a delivery?

No problem these things can happen. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will put a temporary release on your account so you can purchase coffee from another provider until you have resolved things.

What's in it for the roaster?

Roasters are constantly looking for outlets to sell and promote their coffee. The primary thing they are looking for is to sell roasted coffee. A busy site can pay back the initial investment in less than 2 months in some cases. In addition to this the machines will advertise their brand to other local people and potentially create other sales for them online and also in the local or national area. 

I want to use a micro roaster but I am worried about if they will be able to service my machine

We service and repair all of our machines so it doesn’t matter how big your roaster is.

I'm not sure I can get plumbing to my machine?

We offer water tank conversion on all of our machines so even if you cant get running water to your machine we can get you up and running with a system that will only need filling up around every 30-50 cups!

Why Partner With a Coffee Roaster?

A coffee Expert in Your Team

Industry Insights and Expert Advice helping you to beat the competition.

Support buy local

By partnering with a local roaster you are helping to support your close community.

Customers also show more loyalty to local brands.

Better coffee makes more sales.

Our machines are configured to get the best out of artisan coffees.

The coffee market is led by arisan coffees why should your bean to cup machine be different?


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