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Coffee in the office – Why good coffee is important.

It’s no surprise that coffee is a well-loved drink across the UK. In fact according to ITV, recent surveys indicate that it has overtaken tea with 63% of people reporting drinking it regularly. So, with so many individuals enjoying everything from a strong espresso to a decadent mocha, it’s worth thinking about our relationship to coffee within the office and why it is beneficial to equip our workspaces to allow for minimal-effort, maximum-flavour caffeinated productivity.

The “Golden Hour” for coffee consumption

We’ve all had that lull in the morning and uttered the phrase “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” as we groggily stagger towards our kitchen early in the morning. But we have been conditioned to drink coffee at times where it has a limited effect!

Coffee spikes cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for signals encouraging the body to wake up, however during the day our bodies naturally increase and decrease levels of cortisol so to get the greatest benefit from this spiker, coffee consumption is best between 9:30 and 11:00am. Perfect for a mid-morning break after catching up on your emails then.

This will then give you the buzz often needed to move productively through next segments, fuelled by one of nature’s best beans.

Productivity – How to get the most out of a day

Everyone knows coffee makes us feel more alert, but this is not the only way a good coffee can improve our performance within the office. Scientists have found that we go through multiple phase shifts as we age, resulting in our peak performance hours changing. For instance, college-age adults work best later in the day and caffeine can enhance memory recall outside of this optimal window.

This means that not only can coffee help us feel more alert but improve our performance throughout!

Coffee in the workplace

There are many benefits of workplaces offering good quality coffee, from improving relationships between co-workers, to impressing clients with bespoke coffee drinks. For me personally though, there are two reasons above all which is why good coffee is essential for a workplace. 1) it saves time, and 2) it saves money.

With the Crew Machines CM50, sending an intern on a coffee run for the office is a thing of the past. This allows an entire office to focus on the important tasks that matter to your business. Instead, an individual can get up from their desk, make a coffee and sit back down ready to work, all in under 2 minutes!

The era of the £5 coffee is approaching, with it already here in some parts of London, and with the average worker drinking 2-3 coffees a day, this can rapidly price out individuals from a drink that will not only make them feel more alert and attentive, but also perform more productively. This is the perfect time then to invest in the office by moving to a fully automated bean to cup machine. Enjoy!

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